About Us

We’re a different kind of consulting firm

We’re a boutique management consulting firm that happens to specialize in the procurement space in the real estate industry.

What sets us apart from other consultancies is our people – we don’t hire MBA Grads fresh out of school and expect them to know or understand your business.

We hire consultants who come from backgrounds in building materials, construction, maintenance, real estate and other related industries to bring you the most experienced team we can.  While we’re still going to want to learn about your business and what your team does that sets your business apart, we don’t expect your team to teach our people how to walk.

How good are we?  Well, we’re the consultants those MBA grads bring in to give them guidance and insight into the industry…in 2020 we worked as subject matter experts for 4 of the top 5 multinational consulting firms in the world.

Why Procurement?

Procurement as a function impacts every other functional area in real estate, impacting compliance, risk management, maintenance, capital improvements, business operations and more.

Most companies don’t treat it that way and, in turn, they leave a lot of money on the table.  When you treat procurement as a profit center and not a cost center or revenue sink, great things happen.

Our mission is to help our clients make more money and provide a better product to their end users.  Simple changes can have massive impact long-term, and our guidance and methodology focuses around finding the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) without sacrificing quality, sustainability or resilience.

We also provide an array of more generalized management consulting functions including organizational development, marketing & social media strategy, change management, and environmental and social responsibility guidance and other executive level coaching services.


Do you provide logistics services?

No. We’re not involved in shipping, receiving, warehousing, freight, or other forms of logistics management. We’re a procurement consultancy.

Are you a GPO?


We work within your existing supply chain and only go outside to other suppliers when there is a demonstrated need to do so.  We do not represent, recommend or sell specific brands of products or services.  We recommend features which are demonstrated to reduce overhead and operating costs only.

Do you sell products?

NO! ARM Procurement Advisors is a vendor-neutral company.

In fact, we think that “consultants” who represent or sell products or services other than their own are actually SALES ORGANIZATIONS and NOT CONSULTANTS.

Why is your website armpurchasing.com when your company is ARM Procurement Advisors?

Long story short, we found that the vast majority of people don’t know what procurement is, and can’t spell it.  Many also think purchasing and procurement are synonyms, which couldn’t be further from the truth.  We chose this domain name to enable people to get here more easily.


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