About Us

We Help Realize Your Goals

ARM Procurement Advisors is a boutique management consulting firm providing guidance and expertise to businesses and individuals in the real estate industry.

We help our clients make more money and provide a better product to their end users.

Simple changes can have massive impact long-term, and our guidance and methodology focuses around finding the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) without sacrificing quality, sustainability or resilience.

We also provide an array of more generalized management consulting functions including research, organizational development, marketing & social media strategy, change management, and environmental and social responsibility guidance and other executive level coaching services.

Industry Experts

Since being formed in 2019, we’ve provided services to dozens of clients from across the globe.  We’ve worked with six of the top 10 global management consulting firms, several global investment banks, appliance manufacturers, construction companies, real estate developers, property management firms and more.

It’s our business to understand your business.

Results That Matter

In 2020, we helped our clients save over $552,000 in annual operating expenses and recapture over $75,000 in overcharges.

In 2021, we’ve already tripled our impact – identifying $1.13 million dollars in annual savings while mitigating over $675,000 in disruptions from supply chain related delays, substitutions and price increases and recapturing over $40,000 from overcharges.




Do you provide logistics services?

No. We’re not involved in shipping, receiving, warehousing, freight, or other forms of logistics management. We’re a procurement consultancy.

Are you a GPO?


We work within your existing supply chain and only go outside to other suppliers when there is a demonstrated need to do so.  We do not represent, recommend or sell specific brands of products or services.  We recommend features which are demonstrated to reduce overhead and operating costs only.

Do you sell products?

NO! ARM Procurement Advisors is a vendor-neutral company.

In fact, we think that “consultants” who represent or sell products or services other than their own are actually SALES ORGANIZATIONS and NOT CONSULTANTS.

Why is your website armpurchasing.com when your company is ARM Procurement Advisors?

Long story short, we found that the vast majority of people don’t know what procurement is, and can’t spell it.  Many also think purchasing and procurement are synonyms, which couldn’t be further from the truth.  We chose this domain name to enable people to get here more easily.

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