The Global Supply Chain

Global Disruptions

The onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020 brought rapid change to every industry, but for real estate, it brought empty buildings, unpaid rents, late or missing products to keep properties running, higher prices for what could be purchased and a labor shortage across all job functions outside the executive suite.

After over 20 years of improving cashflow and efficiency, Just-In-Time inventory has failed at every level and caused delays, higher production costs and reduced margins across the supply chain – and end users paid the price.

GPO’s were exposed as completely ineffective and clients who have relied on them for decades had to turn their procurement operations back to dealing with distributors, retailers and manufacturers directly in order to get product to keep their businesses running.

Now, record inflation not seen in over three decades, skyrocketing labor and energy costs, and no end in sight to the disruption of the supply chain in the US brings challenges that require deliberate, strategic change at an enterprise level.

Agile Solutions

Since the disruptions started, we’ve worked with over two dozen clients to analyze their needs and implement changes to address and avoid the cost increases and time delays that the current market has dumped in their lap.

By anticipating supply issues, price increases and delays by working with our clients’ teams to establish better relationships with their vendors, we’ve been able to reduce work stoppages and delays and maintain budgets without sacrificing the quality of the end product.


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