Cost Avoidance

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Overhead Reduction

Sometimes, the best way to save money is not to spend it to begin with.  Unfortunately, that’s not always an option.  Things need to get done, and you make the best decisions you can with the information you have at the time.

For a majority of our clients, savings from cost avoidance far outweigh savings from price and terms negotiations with vendors or from deferring maintenance.

Choices Matter

If you don’t have standardized specs for your cap, reno, rehab and maintenance products – you need to.  Not only does a fixed selection help drive down costs and improve curb appeal, but it can also impact your long term operating costs.

We constantly see items chosen based on acquisition cost alone, which leads to premature product failures and increased maintenance and operating costs.  We call this practice “stepping over dollars to pick up pennies”, and it’s rampant in the industry.

For a buy and hold owner or value-add investor, this can mean a difference of five to seven figures of cashflow from added labor, utility, maintenance, taxes, overhead and more.

Prioritize Value Over Price

Our system looks at your existing process and establishes a plan to shift to highest-value-delivery procurement for your business. 

In doing so, we cut long-term operating costs and deliver tangible ROI to the bottom line within 36 months, while extending the useful life of products installed on premises.

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