Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction Graphic
Optimization, Not Reduction

When most people hear “cost reduction” coming from a consultant, they usually associate it with either buying the things they need at a cheaper price, or cutting labor (or both!)

While both of those are valid ways to reduce overhead and cut costs, they aren’t really where the savings are found – in fact, typically it’s a race to the bottom and ends with zero or negative savings.

It is possible to value-engineer to a level where all the value is gone and actually increases operating costs over time.

Every organization we’ve worked with since opening our doors has had some opportunity to get better pricing for the products they need to operate the business…the vast majority of savings come from a broad array of improvements from cost avoidance and risk management to better resiliency and sustainability.

Value First

Our Total Cost of Ownership model delivers recommendations with a Return on Investment for 95% of projects within 36 months, and 100% within 60 months.


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