Procurement Transformation

End-to-End Procurement Transformation

Procurement impacts every aspect of your business, whether you realize it or not.  It’s not just a purchasing function, it’s how your business acquires every external good and service it needs to operate every day.

“Gone are the days when you can take a hands off approach to your procurement, purchasing, and supply chain operations in real estate.  The unprecedented disruption to the labor and supply chain from the COVID-19 Pandemic has pushed the need for active, transparent involvement to the forefront…” – Andy McQuade, CAPS, CGA, CGP, TRUE Advisor

Our focus on the Total Cost of Ownership as a solution shifts our clients away from the race to the bottom and changes their model to reflect Highest Value Delivery to their organizations.

Value Chain Arrow

Lowest Cost Never Delivers The Highest Value

Clients using a value-focused, collaboration-based approach to their procurement needs have seen fewer disruptions and less economic impact than clients using the outdated 3-bid purchasing model, or buying based on lowest cost.

Why?  Vendors who know they have a long term partner willing to work with them to ensure success for both parties are more willing to provide product during shortages and flexibility for loyal customers, as opposed to customers who just take what they need via strongarm tactics and cut the profits for the vendors down to unsustainable levels.

Old vs New Procurement Methodology

Highest Value Delivery Procurement provides an approach which helps other parts of the organization achieve their business goals as opposed to just buying products and services.

Change Is Hard

Our Procurement Transformation process enables your internal team to deliver strategic, business-goal oriented solutions to your needs, as opposed to reactive, cost-centric activities.

It changes your operation from a cost center and a revenue sink into a profit center and value driver for the organization.


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