Recapture & Resolution

Handful of Cash

Recapture & Resolution

It’s impossible for everything to go right 100% of the time.  We help negotiate with your suppliers when things don’t go as planned.


We take a look at your negotiated prices and contracts and audit them to make sure you’re being charged what you agreed to pay.

We bring those discrepancies to your team and your vendors and get it addressed to make it right, and help put controls in place to keep it from happening again.


We negotiate with your suppliers and help reduce the financial impact when something goes wrong.  Premature product failures, product non-performance, quality of work and more can impact your bottom line in a bad way.

Since there are never easy answers when disputes over money are involved, we try to find solutions that work for both parties.


In 2020 we negotiated a $30,000 check for a client from a product manufacturer to cover materials and labor that neither the retailer or manufacturer wanted to pay for until we got involved.

This covered the cost of both replacement product and install labor for that property in full.

We can help your team negotiate better solutions, too.

Why ARM?

Our industry-leading market intelligence gives us a deep understanding of the business models and challenges the vendors in your supply chain face, which creates the ability to negotiate with them from a position of authority.

The most profitable vendor relationships happen where both parties benefit from the relationship long term.  Dozens of studies have proven that companies that collaborate with their suppliers on solutions as opposed to using strongarm leverage to get their way do better over time and stay in business longer.

We’ve proven our ability to help foster these relationships that benefit both supplier and end user.

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