Strategic Sourcing

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Unprecedented Disruptions

Since the onset of the global pandemic, our clients have seen market-altering cost increases and product shortages across their entire supply chain.  The focus on just-in-time inventory models being adopted across virtually every industry to improve cashflow performance has created problems that don’t have easy answers.

Continuous Improvement

As part of our Strategic Sourcing solutions, we bring over two decades of insider industry experience to the table with knowledge from dozens of firms and thousands of products and services on the market.

The two most prevalent problems with purchasing and procurement operations in the real estate industry are:

  1. Decision makers are spoon-fed products and solutions from salespeople with limited experience and understanding of the needs of your business and what the long term impacts are of their offerings – and a pre-conceived bias that their solutions are the best (because they get paid when they sell them).
  2. Buyers make purchases from catalogs and websites filled with thousands of products that fit the immediate need, but that fall short long term and increase operating costs.

Strategic sourcing is an oft-neglected function that balances the needs and long-term goals of the organization with risk management, compliance and sustainability in mind…all while managing acquisition and long-term operating costs. 

It combines strategic planning, contract negotiation, supply chain infrastructure, supplier development and value engineering while meeting goals for domestic production, diversity and minority spend, environmental governance and more.

Practical Solutions

Our industry-leading market intelligence gives us access to vendors and products that can keep your business running when your existing supply chain falls short.  We also have the knowledge and experience to negotiate more favorable terms and pricing than most of our customers would have access to with their internal teams.

Unbiased Advisory Services

As standard operating procedure, we are vendor-neutral and make it a point to never sell products or services or to recommend one vendor over another based on personal biases.  

We focus on features and performance as opposed to brands and advertising – we don’t take finders fees or commissions from manufacturers, distributors or resellers. 

We work within your existing supply chain first to find solutions and then make the best recommendation we can based on your current situation and market dynamics.  

This means we deliver only recommendations that we see as the best fit for your situation, without being influenced by who pays the larger commission or gives us the best perks and finders fees.

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